Choosing Options in Cosmetic Dentistry

Problems with missing or damaged teeth affect your confidence, bite, and overall health. If you’ve decided that it’s finally time to perfect your smile, start by choosing a dentist with whom you feel comfortable. Ask questions about the dentist’s treatment philosophy and experience. Determine whether the dentist stays up to date by reading periodicals such as the journal of clinical dentistry.


Veneers are thin wafers of porcelain placed on the front of the tooth. A small amount of enamel has to be removed to help the veneer adhere to the tooth. The shade is carefully matched to the rest of your teeth. They can last 10 years or more if you take good care of them.


A bridge holds a false tooth in place, anchored by the adjacent tooth. This option may be chosen if there is not enough bone structure to allow for placement of a … Read more

Using Neuroscience to Impact Education

Using Neuroscience to Impact Education

Many parents and teachers find themselves dealing with children who struggle to learn in the classroom. While there are some modern-day factors that impact learning, such as technology, social media and diet, it is also important that educators and parents continue to update their methods and techniques based on research. Whether you enroll in neuroscience training or conduct some basic online research, you’ll find that understanding the brain better can, in turn, make you a more effective teacher.

Improve Listening Skills

Listening is not a natural ability, but a learned skill. Children who often struggle to follow directions or keep their facts straight may need to train the part of their brain the takes in and processes auditory information. Listening games and exercises that require the student to hear, hold on to and repeat information can help develop this area. Audiobooks are an easy and … Read more

5 Causes of Distended Stomach


The causes of distended stomach are very many, including habits that we are aware of and which are not realized.

We all know that a distended stomach is not a good sign for the body.

Keeping your body shape healthy and in accordance with the criteria is not easy. Need dedication, discipline, consistency and strong endurance.

As a result many people are reluctant to maintain abdominal circumference, and let the stomach become distended through unconscious habits.

Here are some of these bad habits:

  1. Eat late at night

While it’s true that the body naturally burns some fat deposits while we sleep, the body won’t burn efficiently if we sleep with a full stomach.

In addition to causing fat in the stomach, eating late at night and lying down after full can increase the risk of gastric acid reflux and digestive disorders.

This happens because of changes in gravity, so … Read more