Beyond 20/20: Understanding The Role Of Ophthalmologists In Eye Care

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In eye care, a group of experts goes beyond correcting vision to understanding the intricate complexities of eye health. These professionals are ophthalmologists who play a vital role in safeguarding our most precious sense. With their extensive medical training, ophthalmologists diagnose and treat various eye conditions, from cataracts to glaucoma and everything in between.

But what sets ophthalmologists apart? Unlike optometrists or opticians, ophthalmologists are medical doctors who provide comprehensive eye exams, perform surgeries, and prescribe medications. They are true specialists in their field, equipped with the knowledge and expertise to address many eye-related issues.

Beyond their role in corrective procedures, ophthalmologists also play a pivotal role in the early detection and prevention of eye diseases. By conducting regular screenings, they can identify potential problems before they escalate, ensuring timely intervention and preserving vision. Moreover, ophthalmologists are at the forefront of technological advancements, enabling them to offer … Read more

Coping With Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder) is a condition caused by experiencing, or being witness too, a terrifying or traumatic event.  Formally known as shell shock or battle fatigue syndrome, this does not mean that it exclusively affects only war veterans or people that work in the emergency services.

Whilst many of us will experience some kind of trauma during our lifetime, most of us will recover through self-care and the support of family and friends.  If your symptoms worsen or last for a period longer than a few weeks and start to have a negative impact on your day to day life, then you may have PTSD.


PTSD can be caused by a variety of traumatic experiences some of which can include:

·      Being involved in, or witnessing a serious road traffic accident

·      Giving birth and having a difficult or traumatic time

·      Being

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Want Youthful Skin? Follow This Treatment Method!

Youthful and healthy facial skin is not impossible anymore. There are many factors that affect the aging process of the skin. For example, genetic factors, facial care habits, stress, diet, and many other things. Here are some tips to maintain youthful skin.

1 Protect your skin from the sun every day

Wherever you go for activities, make sure you always wear sunscreen that has a sun protection factor (SPF) of at least SPF 30. In addition to protecting the skin from damage caused by sun exposure, sunscreen helps keep skin youthful.
Use sunscreen or sunblock especially on the face and hands because they are the parts most vulnerable to sunlight.

2 Avoid doing repetitive facial expressions

Avoid repeatedly making facial expressions such as frowning, squinting, or frowning, as the muscles under the skin contract. If you often do this muscle contraction repeatedly and continuously for years, permanent lines will … Read more