Warning Signs of Adolescent Addiction

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Adolescences can be a trying time for many people. There are increased pressures on the youth to fit in. With the rise of social media, and the standards in which it sets, it has only fueled this fire. Many young adults feel inadequate when comparing their lives to what they see online. The amount of connectivity that the youngest generation faces can lead to online bullying as well. These are just a few of the reason why some teens become addicted to substances to escape some of these harsh realities. Here are some of the most common signs of adolescent drug abuse and what you should familiarize yourself with if you suspect your child is using.

There are some obvious signs that can be a red flag for drug abuse in teens. The smell is the first thing you may be able to detect. Depending on the drug there could be a lingering smell on your son or daughter’s hair, clothes, or on their person. If your child has been drinking, you will also be able to smell the alcohol on their breath.

One way to detect drug usage in your child is to talk to them when they get home from socializing. If their eyes are red and drooping that could mean they are using marijuana. If their eyes are dilated that could also be a sign of other drugs including alcohol. If your child is abusing or using drugs their behavior can also be erratic. After coming home from a friend’s house, or a party if your child is acting strange such as being loud, or laughing too much are possible signs of drug abuse. Being overly tired, falling or stumbling, as well as coming home past curfew could all be signs of drug abuse.

If your son or daughters weekend plans begin to become more and more vague, and the details about their night out sound like lies it may be time to take action. If there is mounting evidence, it may be warranting a room search. Check under the bed, in desk drawers, and any other place you think your child could be hiding drugs or paraphernalia. Checking your child’s phone records, text messages and frequent contacts can also give insight into where your child is going, what they are doing, and who they are hanging out with. If you find supporting evidence of your child abusing drugs or alcohol taking action is the first step. Have a conversation ready, if the signs are extreme and you are worried about your child’s safety, you can search online for any type of young adult addiction recovery north salt lake ut that can help get your child sober. Programs like these are designed to not only help your child with their drug problem but help solve possible underlying issues.

Finding out your son or daughter is abusing drugs can be very scary. But with that knowledge you have to take proper action. Understand that often times in young adults, drug abuse is a mask for other problems. The struggles of adolescence can be difficult, and your child may be trying to escape from that. As a parent it is imperative you show compassion as well as hold strong, this is the best way to help your child get sober.