Get Moving | Ahhmazingly Healthy

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When I was a kid growing up in the 70’s, all we did was play outside, ran around non stop with our friends, neighbors, siblings, cousins and whoever else getting good physical exercise from sunrise to sunset without even knowing that we were staying healthy by just moving and all we knew was that we were having fun, fun, and more fun!

Today has certainly changed and although technology is important, It is unfortunate that the kids of today as well as adults are living in the gadget friendly world who will choose to be on their phones non stop being a couch potato, not moving, not playing and running outside, no physical activity but rather just fixed and glued to their electronic devices choosing to stay indoors therefore, It is not surprising that today, Obesity is the new epidemic of overweight children, teens and adults.

It is important to really go back to basics and just start to choose to get moving and motivated again to exercise and spend less time indoors as well as less time on any electronic devices.

Here are ways to create a change for weight loss and to get healthy!

  1. Put Weight Loss /Getting Healthy First.

First and foremost, make weight loss and getting healthy priority everyday and be aware of the types of food choices that you are taking in. Start to write down what you are eating for breakfast , lunch and dinner and see how much we all tend to over eat. Choose to drink plenty of water, eat salads, fresh fruits, choose healthy protein snacks to improve metabolism for better weight loss and energy. Eat smaller meals throughout the day to also keep your metabolism revving and burning. Always keep your mindset on that you want to change to get healthy and lose weight.

  1. Exercise and Enjoy!

The majority of us don’t like to put in the effort to exercise but yet we all would want a beach body right?!…The bottom line is that it comes with work. The good news is that once you start to exercise everyday to make it a good routine, you’ll be happy to know that the body starts to crave more exercise! Yes! That is true! Try it and you’ll like it!

The secret to enjoying exercise is finding what’s right for YOU. If you don’t really enjoy the gym, look for other forms of exercise. You need a mix of cardio and resistance training – but it doesn’t have to be on machines…it can be high intensity cardio workouts, walking at the mall, going hiking, biking, swimming, dancing, yoga or Zumba to name a few but to find what makes you happy to get off the couch, out of bed and just start moving, shaking, rocking and rolling into a new mindset to live a healthy and happy you. Research what happens to various muscle groups – and to your heart – when you exercise, and pick activities that you will enjoy.

  1. Identify the Triggers.

What are YOUR triggers? Emotional? Boredom? Tiredness? Family arguments?

Once you have identified these triggers, you can start working on strategies to defeat them. This can be as simple as challenging yourself every time you want food. A good rule of thumb is to ask yourself….”Am I hungry – yes or no? If I’m not hungry, then why do I want to eat? Am I really just thirsty? If I’m running to the fridge because I’m upset, is there something else I can do to feel better? Is there a long-term solution that will fix this forever?” and so on. If you’re not yet ready to deal with the root cause, then be prepared that nothing will change. So, find your triggers and replace it with something better and healthier and get excited to see your positive transformation that you can be proud of.

Thank you for letting me share and make it an ahhmazing day!