4 Bar Themes

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When opening an establishment, it is important to think everything through, from the targeted client base to the location to the menu. One way to draw in a specific type of customer is to have a themed bar.

1. Sports

A popular theme that can be as downplayed or as elaborate as desired is sports. If there is a local team that everyone loves, they can be invited in to sign memorabilia or pose for pictures to go up on the wall. If the bar is themed for sports in general, then that opens up all sorts of décor options, as hockey, football, baseball and soccer can all be showcased. Make sure that there are plenty of television screens for fans to watch games and that the TABC licensing is obtained so patrons can drink their favorite beers.

2. Pub

Head across the pond for inspiration when outfitting a pub. The menu, decorations and drink names can reflect a delightful British influence. Wood paneling, low lighting and some old-fashioned plaques and posters can bring about an old-world feel.

3. Country

Country music is a popular genre, and people enjoy dancing and singing to their favorites. Set up a dance floor and a karaoke station so that customers can enjoy their old favorites alongside the newest hits. Fun décor options include posters of famous singers, wagon wheels and animal statues.

4. Futuristic

For something out of this world, try a futuristic setting with a glass bar, utilitarian furniture and funky bright lights. Stay grounded with white walls with neon accents or bring in a science fiction feel by adding aliens in tubes or other outer space inspired items. The possibilities are endless, as visions of the future can be whatever the decorator desires.

Be certain to take the demographic of the intended clients into consideration when deciding on a theme for the bar. Something that attracts people in their mid-twenties is highly unlikely to appeal to people in their forties or fifties. Once a design has been chosen, have fun and make it unique.