5 Ways to Safely Conceal Carry Your Weapon

When you choose to purchase a firearm, you must also decide the best method of concealment. While some states allow you to have a license to open-carry your weapon, most require you to keep your firearm concealed. Keeping your firearm concealed makes carrying a weapon safer for both you and those around you.

There are several options available to safely conceal-carry your weapon. Holsters, clothing, and concealment jackets explicitly designed with concealment in mind are all good choices. 


The most common method of concealing a firearm is with a holster. Waistband and underarm holsters are both options, although waistband is generally easier to conceal.

Inside the Waistband

Inside the waistband, or IWB, holsters attach to your waist and go inside the waistband of your pants. These holsters are worn on your back or stomach. IWB holsters are ideal for slimmer weapons and are easier to conceal under fitted clothing.

Outside the Waistband

Holsters worn outside your waistband, or OWB, sit on the outside of your pants or skirt. OWB holsters are a bit harder to conceal, but a bulking or loose-fitting second layer will help keep your weapon hidden.


Shoulder or underarm holsters work best if you might have difficulty drawing your weapon from the hip. These holsters are the least easy to conceal but can be concealed relatively well under a jacket. Underarm holsters also have a pouch for an extra magazine.


Concealment clothing comes in a variety of options for both men and women. You can find concealment shirts, leggings, pants, jackets, skirts, and undergarments at most gun supply retailers.

The method you choose to conceal your firearm depends on your purpose, comfort, and style. You can mix and match the various options to create a complete concealment outfit or choose just one to wear with your everyday clothing. Whichever you choose, be sure safety is your first priority.