Want Youthful Skin? Follow This Treatment Method!

Youthful and healthy facial skin is not impossible anymore. There are many factors that affect the aging process of the skin. For example, genetic factors, facial care habits, stress, diet, and many other things. Here are some tips to maintain youthful skin.

1 Protect your skin from the sun every day

Wherever you go for activities, make sure you always wear sunscreen that has a sun protection factor (SPF) of at least SPF 30. In addition to protecting the skin from damage caused by sun exposure, sunscreen helps keep skin youthful.
Use sunscreen or sunblock especially on the face and hands because they are the parts most vulnerable to sunlight.

2 Avoid doing repetitive facial expressions

Avoid repeatedly making facial expressions such as frowning, squinting, or frowning, as the muscles under the skin contract. If you often do this muscle contraction repeatedly and continuously for years, permanent lines will form on the face.

3 Gently clean facial skin

Don’t wash your face too often, especially with granular scrubs because it can make your skin irritated and dry.
Irritated skin can accelerate the skin aging process. Just use regular cleansing soap every day. If you really want to do scrubbing, limit it to once a week at most.

4 Wash your face twice a day

Regardless of your skin type, whether it’s oily or acne-prone, don’t wash your face too often in a day. Just wash your face twice a day. Washing your face too often can actually damage the balance of good bacteria on the surface of the skin and get rid of natural oil (sebum) which is useful for protecting the skin.

5 Use skin moisturizer every day

The next youthful treatment is using moisturizing products. This product keeps the water content in the skin balanced so that the skin does not look saggy or wrinkled.
The best way is to apply moisturizer immediately after you shower or wash your face so that the skin can bind the liquid properly.

6 Stop using products that cause irritation

If you feel sore or hot like burning after using certain skin products, stop using them. This is a sign that your skin is experiencing irritation which can accelerate the aging process of the skin. If you are currently being treated with a product from a skin specialist, consult your doctor again.

7 Facial massage for youthful skin

Facial massage has the benefit of helping to reduce smile lines and prevent facial wrinkles.
The benefits of facial massage for youth are noted in a small study in PloS one (2017). In the study, participants who used an antiaging cream with massage afterwards reduced the appearance of wrinkles.

8 Drink water regularly so that your skin stays young

Research published in Clinical, Cosmetic, and Investigational Dermatology (2015) found that water intake may be able to hydrate the skin thereby increasing the appearance of the skin more youthful.