Don’t Horse Around – 3 Benefits of Horse Insurance

A horse isn’t like any other pet you usually think of. Your horse requires specialized care to help it thrive. You owe it to yourself to protect your investment.

This is where horse insurance comes into play. Keep reading to learn three reasons that make investing in coverage for your horse worth it.

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1. Medical Bills

It takes specialized knowledge to treat problems with a horse. This knowledge comes with a price.

If your horse is injured and you aren’t insured, you’re going to be out a lot of money when you get treatment. An insurance policy can help by covering all your bills past your premium. Visit Ark Insurance to learn more about paying for medical bills.

2. Loss of Use

Not everybody keeps a horse for the joy of it. Many people own horses for use in competition. You’re going to be out of luck if an injury or disease stops your horse from performing.

If this happens to you, horse insurance can help. Your insurance policy will pay out if something stops your horse from performing in the future. You’ll get a percentage of the expected value your horse produces in the future.

3. Infertility

Even if you don’t raise your horses for competition, you can still breed them to sell to people who do. But you rely on your horse’s ability to reproduce in cases like this.

If something happens and your horse becomes infertile, your insurance policy will cover you. You’ll be paid out based on the total value of your policy.

Don’t Let Your Horse Go Uninsured

Don’t let the money you invest in your horse go to waste. You need to take action to protect yourself in case an accident happens. Look for a horse insurance company today that will cover you when something happens.