3 Conversations To Have With Family as You Grow Older

No one likes to think about the end of their life. While conversations about what will happen when you are older can be difficult, though, they are necessary and can help your family understand your wishes. Consider having the following conversations with the people who will be in charge of your decisions when you are no longer able to be.

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Living Arrangements

As people age, they often become less capable of living alone. They may not be able to complete daily tasks necessary for living, such as bathing, cooking or cleaning. They may have medical issues that need 24-hour care. Make a plan for adult care services Massachusetts or a nursing home stay so that your loved ones know your preference.

Financial Standing

When you get older, someone is likely going to need to step in as your power of attorney. When this happens, this person will need to know your sources of income, your savings and the bills you’re responsible for paying. Discuss your budget and what it allows. Consider hiring a financial planner to talk you through all the steps you need to take. Drafting all the important paperwork before it’s needed can help make the transition of responsibilities more smooth. 

End-of-Life Plans

If you are admitted to the hospital with something life-threatening, your family may want the peace of mind of knowing how you expect that visit to go. Talk to them about your wishes regarding being kept alive by artificial means. The decision may still be emotionally difficult, but knowing what you want ahead of time takes the guess work out of what the decision should be. Make sure you have a will in place so that there is no confusion about how you want to be buried and what happens to your assets when you’re gone.

Many conversations are difficult, particularly ones about sensitive topics. Having these conversations early can be beneficial.