4 Ways to Support Your Loved Ones as They Age

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While it can be tough at times to deal with health problems and an increasingly busy schedule, your elderly loved ones often need extra care and attention as they age. Following a few simple tips can help improve your communication skills and relationship.

Ask About Needs

Many elderly people may hesitate to bother others about issues in their lives. By making sure to ask your loved one regularly if there is anything you can do for him or her, you can help prevent problems before they start. This frequent communication also helps him or her feel better about asking for any help in the future. Finding a time when both of you are relaxed and unstressed can help the conversation go well. 

Talk It Out

Often, caregivers are met with resistance when they first bring up the topic of assisted living Pike County. Many older people find the suggestion scary or intimidating to think about, but talking privately about the subject before visiting any area can help relieve some of their fears. Discuss specific needs or wants that your loved one may search for in a nursing home, as well as any preferences for types of long-term care. 

Keep Trying

Many times, the first discussion you have about future living arrangements or other sensitive topics does not go smoothly. Instead of ignoring the subject, find another time to talk. Some seniors may be worried about what you expect from him or her, or may be unaware of what other options are out there. Pressuring your loved one for a final decision right away usually only causes more panic, so make sure to give him or her time to think about the situation. 

Plan Time Together

Beyond seeing your loved one during visits, try arranging for special time to spend together. This bonding can be helpful for the emotional health and mental state of an elderly person. Scheduling blocks of time out of your week can let you focus on him or her fully, instead of feeling stressed about other tasks.