Rules for steroids storage at home, which not everyone knows

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Anabolics have long been a means of mass use – they are used by both professional bodybuilders and representatives of amateur sports. Everyone who takes drugs on an ongoing basis should know how to properly store steroids at home.

Terms and conditions of storage

For athletes seeking to gain muscle mass without harm to health, not only oral steroids pills in USA are indicated. They are forced to take a number of drugs – supportive and post-course, helping to recover from the course. Each of the medicines presents its storage conditions.

  • Steroids . Store in a place protected from children, preferably in a closed cabinet, where the active substance will not be exposed to sunlight. The temperature in the room should not be higher than 30 ° C.
  • Insulin . This drug is used infrequently, but it requires special storage conditions. Keep insulin in the refrigerator, but not in the freezer. The best temperature for a drug that has not been used for a long time is 2-8 degrees with a plus sign. Under such conditions, the active substance will not lose its biological value. If you are using insulin at your current rate, you can store it at room temperature next to anabolics.
  • Insulin-like factor . The preparation in powder form has a long shelf life and retains useful properties over a wide range of temperature indicators – from minus 20 ° С to plus 37 ° С. In diluted form, the product is stored no longer than a day, and only in the refrigerator.
  • Growth hormone . The diluted preparation should be kept in the refrigerator and used within 5 days after preparation of the solution. With undiluted, they also act, but its shelf life extends to 4 years. At a temperature of +18 ° C and above, growth hormone gradually begins to break down.
  • Chorionic gonadotropin . The main requirement is to keep the product in a dark place, inaccessible to ultraviolet radiation. The recommended temperature for storing the powder is from 2 to 25 ° C with a plus sign. In the form of a solution, gonadotropin is stored for no longer than 10 days, but only in the refrigerator.

What is the danger of delay

Each drug has its own shelf life. This is the time period during which the medication retains its useful properties in certain environmental conditions. Both the expiration date and storage conditions are mandatory indicated on the packaging of the medication. 

Before using any remedy, the first thing an athlete should do is check his expiration date. This rule is relevant for any medications, which include sports pharmacology products. The minimum that threatens the use of an expired product is the absence of a steroid or therapeutic effect. The active substance is destroyed over time, loses its properties and after administration does not lead to the expected result.

The use of “delay” is fraught with dangerous consequences. Most often, this is an increase in side effects characteristic of the medication. When activated in the composition of the means of oxidative processes, the steroid can have a toxic effect on the body with signs of general poisoning. Diluted preparations that are improperly stored or have not been used for a long time undergo oxidation. 

The integrity of the package, the crystallization of the liquid preparation, and the change in its color also matter. Even if the expiration dates have not yet expired, these signs may indicate that the drug is spoiled or stored incorrectly, which means that its effect may be unpredictable.