Three Advances in Retina Care

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The medical world has changed immensely. Things that were common everyday things even ten years ago are unheard of today. It used to be the only treatment for retina problems was to use a super tiny buckle to fix it. But that really isn’t the case anymore. Eye problem treatments, and especially treatments for the retina, are super improved. They now have different methods to treat them, they have better surgical instruments and they have better drugs for treatment and post-surgical care. Check out these three major changes as you read on.

Improved Treatment Methods

One major improvement in retina care Michigan is that there are improved treatment methods. When a retina detached twenty years ago, the only option was to buckle it back to the eye with a super tiny buckle. Eventually, though, this fix would undo itself and be not always successful. In that case, the person basically went blind. There are really only a few times that you can operate on an eye before there is more damage than good being done. Now they have all different types of implants and procedures that can help you regain and retain your vision long term.

Improved Surgical Instruments

Any type of surgery that is done on the eye has to be done in a very tiny way. The eye itself is small and all the parts of the eye are super small. Some even are microscopic. Smaller and smaller instruments have been tested and developed in order to ensure that the openings into the eye could be as small as possible. That way there was less healing and less suturing that needed to be one. This also made the surgeries more successful. Because the eye doesn’t heal very quickly or very easily. So it is appropriate to have tools that can help save some of the healing. So in recent years, smaller and smaller tools have been created so that the level of healing and suturing is smaller.

Improved Drugs

One last big improvement in retina care Michigan is the improvement of the drugs used to treat eye problems. Macular degeneration can cause life-changing and unfixable eye problems. Previously to the last decade, there really wasn’t a great treatment. They could treat the symptoms but really couldn’t treat the overlying disease. That has changed. There are newer and stronger drugs on the market that make it possible to stop macular degeneration before it hits and also treat it once it has hit. These improved drugs have changed lives.

Along with that, there has been improved imaging. The eye is very thick and has multiple layers. So previous to the recent changes that have been made, you really couldn’t see everything you needed to see until you were in surgery. The recent imaging changes have opened the door to be able to make better-educated decisions on treating eye health. The new and improved abilities of imaging have changed the retina care industry.


As you can see, the retina care and eye care industry has changed massively even in just the last few years. These advances have brought great success to eye problems that previously were untreated. The changes in treatment methods have opened the door for different treatments other than just the basic retina buckle. Improved surgical instruments have made it easier to do less damage to the eye during surgery. And the changed drugs to treat eye problems have helped change the way that eye problems are treated. Macular degeneration has not met its match with the eye drugs on the market. These big changes have changed lives.