Qualities of Excellent Cow Hide

Cowhide is used to make various leather products, from shoes and leather jackets to car leather, belts, and furniture. Excellent cowhide assures you of the best products. For this reason, it would be best to select a cowhide before paying for it, and carefully so. First, ensure that you get it from the best supplier of cow heads Bronx NY-based. Next, check for the following qualities.


Enhanced thickness speaks to better durability. Thicker cowhides will expose you to no edge curling, ensuring that it remains in great shape for a long time. In addition, thicker cowhides take a longer time to wear out, guaranteeing value for your money. Ensure that your preferred cowhide comes with a thickness of between an eighth and a quarter of an inch. The thicker it is, the better value it will offer.


Pay attention to how supple the cowhide is. Suppleness implies that the cowhide will not be too stiff to handle. Processing stiff cowhide is a daunting process requiring specialized equipment and expertise. Yet, you cannot be too sure about the quality of products you get.

Prioritize supple cowhides, as they are best at making premium-quality rugs. This supple cowhide preserves the coloring of the cow. This cowhide should be easy to fold, floppy, and soft.

No Unpleasant Tanning Odors

Nothing could be as displeasing as an unpleasant tanning odor. Choosing an odorless cowhide is a sure way of getting the rug or item you expect. While the smell is not a measure of quality, it determines how comfortable you will be around it. Ensure that you choose cowhide from a brand that assures you minimal smell. This way, you’ll not compromise your indoor air quality.

Is It Chromium-Tanned?

Chromium tanning is an excellent way of processing cowhide. It assures you of the consistent and uniform fullness of leather. What’s more, chromium tanning helps improve the longevity of your cowhide. This process will stabilize the leather, where it links the collagen fibers.

Appropriate Pattern

Various coat patterns are at your disposal. You’ll choose a design based on personal preferences. Usually, these patterns range from spotted and brindle to speckled, stenciled, and acid washed. Dotted patterns are the most popular, thanks to their availability.

In conclusion, various aspects go into determining the right quality of cowhide. Observing the elements above will ensure that you choose something that suits your preferences in the long run. However, you are free to prioritize specific aspects only.